Welcome to the "Drakata" restaurant!

« founded in the year 1884 »


The older people of Lovech fondly remember the old beer house "Drakata", most renowned during the first half of the previous century, and the delicious meals prepared by the Minkovi father and son for 75 years. Their establishment was famous throughout the entire country for its unique atmosphere. Towards the end of the XIX century, it was the host to receptions and official breakfasts for ministers and members of parliament. A special guest in 1926 was King Boris III, who was strongly impressed by the service.

Where did the Drakata nickname come from?

The elder Stoyan Minkov – Drakata, as he was known among the people of Lovech, was born in 1872. At the age of 12 he became an apprentice café keeper. Stoyan Minkov was a good man, always joyous and talkative. He enjoyed jokes and fun and thus acquired his nickname, which later turned into something like a family name.

Today "Drakata" is once again the most famous establishment in the town, renovated and stylish, preserving its Revival era spirit and polite service. It is located by the exit of Kolyu Ficheto's bridge and offers a magnificent view towards the river. Antique objects and photographs complete the retro atmosphere.

The restaurant has 110 seats and two balconies, which offer a splendid view of the Osum river with the covered bridge and the old Varosha:

  • Covered bridge balcony, 20 seats;
  • Old Varosha balcony, 60 seats;
  • The wine cellar offers 65 seats and a wine tasting corner;
  • The seminar hall with 50 seats is complemented with the necessary equipment.

The restaurant is a preferred place for business meetings, family and company parties.

"Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy". Benjamin Franklin