The Kakrina Inn

About 16 km away from Lovech, in the village of Kakrina, is the place where the Apostle of Freedom, Vasil Levski, was captured.

The ideologist of the Bulgarian movement for freedom from Ottoman rule, Vasil Levski, the most venerated hero in Bulgarian history, was captured here by the Turkish zaptiyes on December 27, 1872. They broke into the inn and Levski tried to escape, yet his shoe got caught in the fence when he tried to jump over it and he was captured. Later, on February 19, 1873, Levski was hanged in Sofia.

Over the years, the Kakrina Inn building slowly fell into disrepair, and a fire in the beginning of the XX century destroyed it completely. In 1901, a memorial plate was placed on the spot where Levski was captured. The restoration of the inn in its authentic appearance began in 1926, and the museum was opened on 10 May 1931. The exposition recreates the original appearance of the inn before the fire – the pub and the sleeping room.

The museum is situated in the centre of the Kakrina village, and there are various signs within the village that point the way towards the exposition.

In its yard is the elm tree that witnessed Levski's capture, and next to it is a monument of the Apostle. Various information materials and souvenirs can be bought from the museum.

The Kakrina Inn is one of the 100 national tourist sites.